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Web Development is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. During 1995, there were fewer than 1,000 web development companies in the United States. Guesstimates by 2005 place the number well over 30,000 such companies. So says statistics from the Wikipedia.

With the onslaught of web 2.0 developers, there has actually been little change. Adding video, audio, rss feeds and new linking strategies does not mean older companies lose ground.
With each passing year, such companies expand, reaching new pinnacles of knowledge. These companies enjoy new waves of work force employees who are educated, talented and eager to join forces with established companies.

Web development should be thought of in very direct and distinct relation to the internet's development over time. Web 2.0 is about interaction, more than any other term. It brings the user; the customer; the client to a place whereby their input may be able to add value to a websites content.

BEK, Brown Enterprises of Kansas has easily moved into this realm, having developed the web presence for hundreds of web entrepreneurs since 1994. These steps forward are a natural progression. Engaging the public means getting and keeping the interest flowing; and allowing their interaction to become a source of the destination based thought process.

At BEK, the dedication to web development never rests. Our teams of hard working designers, researchers, programmers, copywriters, and graphic artists are here to serve your every need. This website will not try to sell you anything. It simply introduces you to our company and the many companies we hold. Most avenues of web development are covered by BEK.
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